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How it Works


How GWC Support Works?

Computer has become very important nowadays and there are several issues which user face every day on their computer that includes software or hardware issues. GWC provides technical support 24x7 for any technical queries related to your laptop, PC, notebook or tablet.

Support Options

1) Online Phone Support

If you are facing any kind of issue with your computer or laptop, no matter if it is computer performance issue or virus issue, you can simply contact us. What you have to do is pick up phone and dial our toll free number. When you call us, our representative will try to understand the problem initially and if required will take remote access of your computer.

2) Remote Support

When you call GWC Toll Free Number, our technician will try to understand the problem and if required requested for remote access. Our technician will educate you about remote access and will ask you for code that would appear on your screen after you have downloaded and run the exe files. Technician will send you an invitation to start remote session. After you accepted the invite, technician will access your computer and start diagnosing the problem and fix it. Though the technician might working on your computer you will have total control over your computer. If you wish to stop the remote session all you have to do is click on “x” button on window.

Advantages of Remote Support

You can request for support whenever you want. Remote support has changed the way of providing tech support. It has numerous features

1) Cost Efficient

Remote support has reduced the cost involved in providing technical support. We are just a call away and can fix any type of hardware or software issue within less time.

2) Quick Turnaround Time

Some computer issues needs to be fixed instantly. That is what exactly remote support gives you – an instant and easy solution to your computer issues.

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