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About us

What is Remote Access?

In computer networking, remote access is the capability to log into a system as an authorized user without being physically present at its keyboard.

Remote Access Disclaimer

1) To perform diagnostic test on your computer GWC technician will require access to your computer

2) We suggest you to close all your personal files or folders before providing access to GWC technician 

3) The remote session activity is recorded for user safety, training and quality purposes

4) You are allowing GWC technician to access and control your computer by entering the code that our technician has provided you 

5) You will always have control on your computer. You can disconnect remote session by clicking the “X” button which appears on top right of the window 

6) All connections to and from your computer are terminated with the termination of remote session 

7) For your safety, we are not authorized to download or use any third party software from the internet on your computer


FAQs on Remote Support

1. Once the remote connection software is installed on a computer, can GWC connect to the computer without your knowledge?

No. Only when you enter the code and accept the invitation can a connection be made. Hence there is no way for us to initiate connection with your computer without your knowledge and active participation.

2. Is the code for my specific account?

No. This code is dynamically generated for every new remote session. Whenever you want to reconnect with GWC, you would have to enter the 6 digit code and allow us to connect.

3. After being remotely connected, can the technician access all of the files and data on my computer?

Once the remote connection is made, the technician will navigate the computer as if physically sitting in front of the computer. Hence we advise you to close all personal files and folders and recommend you to keep a watch on the representative activity.

4. What if I am not sure about this process and want to disconnect the remote session that has been started?

Easy, simply instruct the technician to terminate the session or close it from your end.


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